Race Report


Last week was a very special week for me because I was running my first trail race in Japan. It was the 32K trail race of Higashi Tanzawa Miyagaze, which is part of a challenge called NES 2014 within the prefecture of Kanagawa.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.10.22 PM

I registered to this race about one month ago when I was still in France. With the move and the new job, I didn’t really looked at the profile of the race before toeing the starting line. I had absolutely no clue that we would cover the entire elevation gain of 1,200 D+ in about 8 kilometers climbing up to Mount Tanzawa.

32K Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase 32

We started off on a mountain road at Lake Miyagase. The pace was really fast, and I realized that my fellow Japanese colleagues were looking sharp. We followed this road during 7 kilometers until the first aid station that marked our first steps onto the trail.


(Source: 第6回東丹沢宮ヶ瀬トレイルレース, 2013)

After one kilometer on a large trail, we began the climb and I started to see some snow on the side of the path. The climb lasted about 80 minutes on a steep single track. I realized that I would need to train way more specifically in the mountain if I wanted to be even more competitive. Anyways, we reached the top of Mount Tanzawa with a nice and cold surprise: quite a lot of snow to my taste!


(Source: 第6回東丹沢宮ヶ瀬トレイルレース, 2013)

At that point in time, I didn’t feel well because I was too low on calories. Also, I was completely frozen since I was only wearing a short and a tank. Lesson learned: “Always prepare for your race!”

32K Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase 34

We then continued with a long and technical descent that loaded my quads. It was really dangerous and slippery, but I enjoyed it all the way. Finally, I made it to the service road towards the finish line where I encountered a few more stairs and hills.

32K Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase 33

I finished the race in 03:31:39, ranking 69 out of 708 men and 772 total. I didn’t feel good about my result, but I identified the reasons of my below-average performance: bad race management between the cold and my calorie intake, as well as overtraining during the days leading up to the race.

32K Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase 47

Next race will be a 42K trail race with even more elevation gain early June. In the meantime, click here to check out my full GPS track!

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