Race Report


Today was my first road running race in Japan! It was a 10-kilometer charity event organized for a not-for-profit organization called TELL. The organization was created 40 years ago to provide mental health support and counseling services to Japan’s international community. Its services include free phone counseling, educational workshops, etc.

10K TELL Charity Runathon 20.JPG

The race was held around the great Imperial Palace in Tokyo, and the race director was Bob Poulson who turns out to be the founder of Namban Rengo (i.e. my running club).

Under a burning sun (i.e. about 30°C), I ranked 12th in 00:39:13 and with apparently 500 runners in total. It ended up being a very good result for me because I felt really sore and tired as I woke up this morning. In fact, I have increased my mileage drastically over the course of the last few weeks, meaning that my level of freshness is not to its maximum at the moment. I am building my strength for ultra races during the summer, and running at such a fast pace isn’t doing me any justice at the moment.

Anyways, I will rest tomorrow and hit Mt. Tanzawa on Monday for a 5-hour trail run to get some ascent done before the end of Golden Week.

I will keep you posted!

10K TELL Charity Runathon 03.JPG

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